David Dye


Gtech hand held vacuum cleaner

I bought my wife a GTECH upright vacuum cleaner a few month ago. She was impressed by its weight and fleetness of use so I bought her the hand held variety. She found it easy to use and I used it for vehicle cleaning. I particularly recommend these cleaners to the older generation who may not be quite as strong or adept as they once were. Both are efficient cleaners and simple to empty.

N C Disney


gtech cleaner &multi

Having purchased both I agree that they are the best on the market

Joanne Whatmore



I purchased this because my Dyson, which is only two years old, lacks suction. My mum bought this machine and I was surprised at the efficiency of it. It has brought my carpets back to life and my house is far less dusty since I have used this. Not only is it no longer a chore to hoover my house, but it takes far less time as it is cordless. I especially like the way the dust is compacted in the collection chamber, makes emptying cleaner as no dust spills out into the air. I would definitely recommend this to anyone along with the multi tool for stairs and skirting boards.



Happy hoovering lady D.DOVE

I AM DELIGHTED WITH MY GTECH,great power for a light-weight cleaner

Mr Mike Brannon


Fist class product

Easy to use.....Powewrful .Get in places conventional vacs cannot.....very very easy to empty........Light as a feather which makes taking it upstairs simple Great cleaner

Peter Jackson


Looks great. Bit disappointing in action

Bought the G tech portable. Box great Design great. Looks superb. But really when it comes to suction its just not up to Dyson levels. And that's what counts. If you hadn't had a Dyson you'd think it was brilliant!

Fiona thorburn



Marvellous little bit of kit! Highly efficient don't know why I never got it before! Saves me getting my big Hoover out all the time !



Good Company and Product

Very happy with this company, I own a couple of their sweepers, unfortunately, one of them was not working when I received it. But after a short phone call (not kept waiting for hours) and helpful assistant they sent me out another one which arrived next day and at the same time picked up the broken one, no fuss at all.



Does exactly as it says on the advert!

Have been using both the GTech K9 and Multi tool for about 3 weeks. Both are fab. K9 Ram is so easy and effortless with great suction. My carpets look practically new! Multi tool so light and great for stairs and skirting boards. Was very skeptical about the advert and have been an avid Dyson (sorry for the profanity GTech!) fan, but this knocks the socks off my Dyson. Would definitely recommend!

M Holmes


Gtech airam and multi

Over the moon with both of them light and easy to use and empty.

Ernest Fryer


very good but

Only one fault & that is the switch on the appliance has to be squeezed in all the time,& anyone with weak hands has a job to hold it with one hand & use it with the other. Other wise a very good & efficient appliance

angela wilcock


Cat & Dog Gtec vac +mini vac

The main vac is excellant, brings the carpets to is amazing how much dust they collect. when it has had a full charge it lasts me for weeks, much better than expected. At the moment i keep getting it out & doing short clean ups as love using it,it's so light & easy to keep bringing up & down the stairs. I have only had it a few weeks so don't know how relieable it's going to be.....hope its as relieable as my old miele (over 15 years old) only time will tell!! The mini hand vac is okay, no where near as powerful as the main vac. Also a bit heavey for my arms when cleaning in high places. Has lights built in so you can view dust in corners which is actually very useful.

Christine Hawkins


I'm hooked!

I have an AirRam and a Multi, and I'm very pleased with them both. They are light and efficient, and It's so nice not to have to keep trailing flex from one socket to another.

Sharon McCaffrey


Absolutely amazing!

I bought the Gtech AirRam K9 and Multi. I can honestly say they are both truly amazing. They are simply effortless to use yet extremely powerful. I have 2 Norwegian Forest cats who are long haired and shed a lot of hair. The Multi is brilliant at removing all the cat fur from curtains and settees. In fact one of our settee's looked like new. I would recommend to anyone without hesitation.

J. Otley


Light &powerful

Had a Vax but found it very heavy when carrying it up stairs or vacuuming stairs. The G tech 22v airram. Is perfect,light enough to lift using 1hand. Very easy to use and empty tray. Tried it first on my living room carpet which I had vacuumed the previous day using my Vax 2000. I was amazed at the amount of dust/dirt the Gtech airram picked up. Brilliant machine ,I now give the house a quick wizz around daily which takes about 10minutes. Very pleased with the Gtech 22V airram.



Lightweight and great suction but does need to include multi as no attachments

Love how lightweight the gtech k9 is. Good suction. It does however struggle on my slate floor as the brushes are set quite low. You definitely need the gtech multi as the gtech k9 comes with no attachments so you wouldn't be able to do edges or stairs.

Helen Low


Cannot fault their products.

Bought both air ram vacuums loved them ,so went on to purchase g-tec hedge trimmer/wood cutter,once again great product.



T V Avert misleading

The vac is very powerful and picks up well, but the advert makes the vac look light and easy to use but we found it to be heavy and hard to push. The small one was also heavy to hold

Janet Barkham


GTech Vacuums

The speed of delivery was wonderful - we received the vacuums the next day!! This also applied with the car pack we bought. The vacuums are very good indeed and the weightlessness (without the electrical cord trailing) is making cleaning a much better experience.




Brilliant products

neil sterrett


replacement plastic scrimmer part wears out far too quickly

the grass scrimmer is well made and easy to handle but I have to complain that the replacement plastic scrimmer thingys wear out far too quickly.

Lynne Button


G Tech Multi

Received within one day of ordering and this sweeper does a tremendous job on my laminate floors. It is very quick and powerful for a small hand held sweeper and does not need recharging very often.

Phoebe Morris


My magic cleaner!!!!!!!

As soon as I used my cleaner I rang the company and said how pleased I was with it.I can't emphasise enough how thrilled I am with it.I did think a little expensive at the start,to me today it's worth it's weight in gold!!! My both sisters are buying one. Many thanks Phoebe (Wales)

Mrs Doreen Buckland


Excellent product and excellent service

The GTech is excellent - easy to manoeuvre and picks up right to the edges of carpet. My regular vacuum has not been used since I've had th GTech.

Tom Hackman


Excellent products

I've both the upright and the handheld and so far they live up to the claims in the adverts. Indeed the upright is really light and the fact it's not connected to the mains means that "hoovering" is a doddle. I've managed to vacuum the whole house, including wooden floors, in about 10 minutes. The handheld has proven excellent for both the stair and the cars.

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