very good products,fast and efficant ordering and dispatch.

very powerful for the size.

Karen Mccarthy


Gtech air ram Hoover

The gtech air ram is brilliant. It's light ,easy to manoeuvre, very powerful and a delight to operate with 40 mins hoovering time. I am so pleased I made this purchase. Highly recommended.

Maureen Torpey



Excellent products. Recommend for ease of use and efficiency.

dennis pedley


new world

bought for wife who suffers from arthritus she loves both of them gtech and arram cleaning the house in half the time the weight of them is a godsend light work of the cleaning

Pat Day


Very pleased

Like both items we purchased, certainly made keep home clean a lot easier.

Terry Caswell


great product

our housekeeping staff are pleased with this product.

Julie Hyslop


Customer after sale care

I purchased the GTech Hoover for a Christmas present for my Mother-in law. To my huge disappoint after the first day of using the Hoover it no longer worked. I requested a new Hoover as I believed that after one use there was an inherent problem with the Hoover, however customer services insisted on sending a new battery for my mother-in law to change it (she is in her 70s) and felt this was inappropriate. Having received and changed the battery the Hoover still didn't work (as I suspected it wouldn't). When Customer Services were advised the Hoover still wouldn't work my Mother-in law requested a new one on the basis it was brand new and had only been used the once, Customer Services advised they would fix it - which I feel us unreasonable and not what either my Mother-in law wants nor myself and advised it was there process! Based on this experience I don't believe GTech have acted with in the Customers interest but their own, nor have they been mindful of the time taken to rectify the faulty Hoover - based on their actions. This was the 2nd GTech I purchased, had I known this was the Customer service 'after care' to encounter I wouldn't have bothered, plus I am no longer going to purchase a 3rd Hoover for my own mum based on this experience.

Patricia Webster


Gtech cordless sweeper

I love it. It is so easy to use and it is very versatile and light.

Denise Jupp



At last a machine without leads to trip you over. Battery last for 3 days in a large 3 bed roomed house, and then it is only down to 1 bar. Picks up fantastically and goes from carpet to hard floors without any effort. Have also purchased the multi for stairs, skirting boards etc. and also use it on the car.

Kath Moreton


Gtech Airram and Multi

Very impressed with the Airram! So easy to use and empty. It quickly does the whole 3 bed house in one charge - even with dog hair to pick up. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has problems pushing a heavy hoover around due to health issues as it is so light and manoeuvrable! The Multi is great for all the nooks and crannies too.



At last

I bought both the cordless AirRam and the handheld multi, and I love, love, love them both. I have hardfloors downstairs that have never been an issue, but my upstairs carpets have always proved a problem. Most of the are dark and show all the bits, but proved to be resilient to my previous carpet cleaners, meaning that I would spend ages going over the floor again and again to pick up bits, eventually taking the head off the hose and picking up bits one by one. The AirRam gets most of them on the first pass and the rest on the second pass, it is saving me so much time its great. Also because it is so easy to take it out of the cupboard and quickly clean a room, rather than having to lug a heavy machine around, unwind, stretch out and rewind cables, this saves even more time and means that if I want to quickly 'spruce' up a room between normal outings with a cleaner I can do it in a matter of minutes. The handheld multi is so versatile. I bought it to clean the stairs with rather than balancing my cleaner on each step as the hose does not reach half way up the stairs, but I use it to clean so many things including blinds, skirting boards, radiators and the log burner. Its great for getting dust off small ledges, such as panels in doors and fan/filter covers, and the 'headlights' are a great idea as you are very often blocking your light when trying to cleaning into corners. I bought the AirRam having borrowed and tried my mums, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought it because it looks too small to be effective, but believe me when I say size isn't everything! It is easy to use, does what it is supposed to do efficiently and is so easy to store. I don't normally leave reviews but felt in this case that I needed to, I was able to try one before I bought it, not everyone else can do this, so instead you will be reading the reviews.



Very very good.

Brilliant removing dog hairs etc on my hard floors and good on carpets. Only downside rather pricey.

Eliza Nowak


best vacume you can imagine

gtech turned out to be even better than I expected. it's very powerful and so easy to use. Might sound silly but it's changed my approach to vacuming. gtech multi could be a bit more powerful. They way it is now it's more for dusting off than vacuuming

Mr Kenneth Edwards


The Clean Solution.

The GTECH has exceeded our expectations and we are very pleased with the performance so far, particularly as we have a dog. Highly recommended.

Maureen Williams


Small but big on cleaning

I am so pleased with this appliance and the service when I registered was second to none.

Vicky Toone


Lightweight wonder

So much easier to use and more convenient than conventional machines espcially for older folk.

Mr Ken Allen


Next day delivery without cost, excellent !

Needed to contact support team,again speedy response and resolution.first impression first class

P Brame


Gtech High Tech easy tech

Bought Gtech to make life easier as we are both over 80 - it is so simple to use and store and I can use it upstairs and downstairs as it is so light to carry - the Gtech hand held is brilliant for the stairs and also for swiftly taking next-door's cat's hairs off my lounge chairs and beds! Ordered on line and delivery almost next day - marvellous!

Hester A McQueen


Gtech rocks!

Previously purchased Gtech Air Ram and absolutely delighted with efficiency of the product. Easy to use and manoeuvre. It is so effective I have rehomed my Dyson! Not being able to do edges and stairs are it's only drawback. My only complaint is the filters. They do not fit into the allocated space. Put it together and it works. Love how I can clean the filters with water but would like to be able to get rid of the smell from the filters which is still there after I've rinsed them. We have dogs! We also bought one for my mother-in-law who is frail elderly. The Gtech air ram has significantly contributed to her well-being and independence. Brilliant machine. So happy with the Gtech air ram I purchased the Gtech Multi from Gtech. The machine is good but it is heavy and feels bulky to use. This takes a bit of adjusting too. Unfortunately I can't recommend this for my mother-in-law who has arthritis in her hands.

Mrs. Angie Smith


Gee! Tech-nically perfect!

Throw out your vac with its restrictive tether and smelly old bag and treat yourself to a G-Tech machine. I have arthritis and struggled with my old upright because it was heavy and played havoc with my wrists. The Air ram is light and extremely efficient. I've just thrown out my old vac - I realised what a risk I was taking when I discovered the pretty colours of the wires exposed after I ran over the cord several times! So nice not to have to plug in and so easy to empty.

Nigel Hoy



Love my new GTECH...lightweight - quiet - efficient - NO CORD - not even a full bar of charge to do a quick run through the house! Service was quick and efficient too!



Sliced Bread !!

My wife loves it, she said the G-tech vacuum takes over from SLICED BREAD. It's a wonderful innovation.

Noel Baker


HT04 Hedge Trimmer a revelation.

I (4-hour) charged the hedge trimmer straight out of the box, then attacked a short length of hedge. I was amazed - especially as I had been slightly dubious about battery power. Now I wait for a dry spell to assault the rest of my hedges, feeling confident it is the right tool for the job. All that is required for me to recommend the tool to others is long term experience of reliability etc. There is no doubt it is a remarkable bit of kit.

Robert Bigg


My wife says you have saved her life!

I have lost count of the number of vacuum cleaners we have owned in nearly 52 years of married life but few if any have passed 'The Maddie Test' (Maddie is my wife). Most have been too heavy, noisy, unreliable,difficult to empty or all of the above. Don't mention cables! Anyway, now she is an arthritic 71 year old with a very sceptical view of the claims of advertising men, it was with some grave doubts that she decided to let me order a Gtech machine and separate multi tool mini machine on 24th May this year. Anyway, it duly arrived and she soon started to warm to it's charms. First, it was light- a definite plus. No cable - better. Then she tried it out and found it did what it said it did. The little machine was great for the stairs. In a word, she has been won over and the Gtech machine has restored her faith in all things mechanical. Will it prove reliable in the long term? We have yet to see but, right now, it is doing a sterling job. Friends of ours have a lovely but hairy Retriever dog. She let them use the Gtech machine in their house and it removed masses of dog hairs from their carpets. They were so impressed they have now bought one as well. Sales commission would be welcome!!! Maddie, only half joking, says it has saved her life.

Ian cooper


sucking up! !

It is as the ad claims, light and very useable.

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