Jacqueline Gottesman


G tech

Picks up very well but very hard to push heavier than my past ones the brushes seem to catch on the floor which is probably the reason wouldn't recommend unless this issue is solved




Lightweight and powerful. Would find it easier to be able to attach a different hose for hoovering the furniture

derek taylor


so far so good,

longer test of successful use might get 5th star!

Sharon Tynan


OMG Brilliant!!!!!

I've been looking at this Hoover for some time and decided to buy the AirRam and Multi together. I cannot recommend these products highly enough, the suction of the AirRam is amazing, far better than my old upright and it's so easy to use. I love not having to plug it in. The Multi on the stairs and small places is just as good. Wish I'd bought it ages ago!!!!!

Helen Percival


Absolutely fantastic !!!

everyone needs a gtech airram! With a busy household with 4 small children, lugging our old hoover around was always a nightmare. We bought the air ram and cleaning is just so much easier, We had a vax before and i can honestly say the cleaning power is absolutely so much better. So easy to empty and change the filter. Even my 6 year old fights to do the hoovering for me now ! The best £200 I have spent in ages !

Ian young


Excellent products at a fair price

These vacum/ carpet sweepers are super light and powerfull, great for older people and the young alike. The smaller vacum is particularly good for the stairs and small areas such as when drilling a wall.

Sharon Brown


love my new gadget

I ordered the k9 version of the g tech air ram.I love it. It's a pleasure doing the hoovering now. It's so light and simple to use. The delivery was quick and as I wasn't sure I was going to be in I arranged to ship to Halfords which meant I could collect at my leisure

elaine stringer


great product

cleans really well, so light to carry around overall a great product glad I bought one, you would not regret buying one.

Mr Colin Olliffe


Excellent product, but.....

Very pleased with our purchase but just one thing that I feel is incorrect, in that it states 20 minutes running time between charges, and I think this is more realistic at 15 minutes??

Bob Mocock



I've owned a Gtech Air Ram and Multi for a couple of years, but recently purchased the same pair again for the convenience of having them available upstairs and downstairs, now that age is catching up with me. Bob



Excellent company with great service.

I have been delighted with both products I purchased. The clear English with lack of jargon was a joy! Everything is so clearly set out, the products are great and the service excellent - I can't rate them highly enough!



Have never enjoyed cleaning so much

I had read all the reviews and decided to try the GTECH K9 as I was fed up of having to lug my heavy hoover upstairs and plugging and unplugging for every room. What a revelation! I find myself hoovering every day now because it is so rewarding, gets up all the dog hairs and dust, no bother! I was so impressed that I ordered the handheld multi for the stairs etc. It is so light and equally impressive at cleaning. They are both easy to empty and keep clean. For once the reviews were spot on!!

Cecile Corfield


well pleased.

I think the upright vacuum is excellent. Easy to use and empty. The handheld vacuum is heavy to use and maneuver but does a good cleaning job.

M Castell


Gtech multi

I bought a Gtech multi a month ago. Why was. I not told that an improved model with motorised brush head was about to become available at the same price?

Julie Craik


Great products!!

I bought the Gtech air ram k9 and the hand held device. I love them both! Great inventions, I find the charge up doesn't take as long as stated. So easy to use and attachments for hand held device are fantastic! X

David Doig



Item was delivered on time and works very well my wife finds it very easy to use so no issues at all

John Smoleskis


Great products

The K9 is brilliant. It picks up the cat hair without scaring the cat! Emptying the cleaner is a breeze. I got the Multi at the same time. It gets in all the nooks and crannies easily. Charging is pretty quick too.

Mr Alan Taylor


Well Pleased

Having used both bag less and bagged vacuum corded cleaners the Gtech was a easier to use, light and easy to move around the home. The hand held vacuum is very useful but does clog up quickly and looses suction. Would recommend upright .

Ronald Galliers


Good product good service.

Just as I was beginning to despair over the levels of customer service being experienced. you come along . It is like a "breath of fresh air". Thanks.

Philip Rollinson


excellent product

hassle free,great products and very quick delivery

James Deane


Gtech & Gram

Whilst the hoover was impeccable with some great features so as easy dust removal and excellent pick up, the same could not be said about the little hand held unit. This had very little suction and when used with tools was of little use. Overall not as great as the maker advertises.




Light and easily managed, perfect for elder ladies like my Mum. Quick charge and good pickup. Fab having no pesky cables. :-)

Mr James Elias


GTech Vacuum

Does exactly what it says on the can. Easy to use and empty. Plenty of charge to do quite a big house twice. Light and powerful

Robert Goss


Very good indeed

Very useful especially with no cord

Dave Wishart



The product ordered was delivered in less than 18 hours of ordering and it does the job it states it does on the advert, this lightweight cleaner is just right for the job Extremely pleased Thank you

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