william woodward


It's light easy to use and is brilliant.

So easy to use,no wires and cleans just as good if not better than heavier vacuum cleaners.It almost encourages you to do the vacuuming. Great product.

Miss B Hicks



I never thought I'd say this but I now love doing the housework. My new Gtech Air Ram and Gtech Multi are fabulous, easy to use, light as a feather and I can now get to every bit of dust. No more stopping short of certain bits of the carpet and having to unplug and plug in somewhere nearer, no more not being able to get under the bed or sofa, housework is no longer a chore! Thanks Gtech!

Gwyn McFarlane


Fantastic (if a little noisy)

A fantastic machine that really does what it claims - picks up everything without changing brushes/feet/etc. Apart from being a little noisy, which I didn't expect, I am MOST impressed. WELL DONE TEAM GTECH.

Helen Gibson


Great products - upright is brilliant and handheld a little heavy but still ok

A wall mounting for the handheld would be good too

Mrs Jackie Stirges


tech multi

These two appliances are absolutely excellent. They are light weight but very efficient. The service was top rate quick and very friendly on the phone Thank you

Douglas Wood


Very impressed with speed and layout

Although I have only owned it for a few days so far and have a lot to learn my first impression is that it is a very fast moving new piece of p c equipment that will serve me very well in the years to come. A very good buy

sheila Stephens


what after sale service?

products very good but aftersales service non existant had to threaten trading standards before I got any satisfaction. Sheila stephens

Vanessa Santomauro


Simply the Best!

I had been desperate for a cordless vacuum for some time but hadn't got round to taking the plunge. I'd treated Mum to a day out in London and when I saw the Gtech being used on the floors of both Fortnum and Mason and Harrods I felt that they of all stores would know a good product and so that same evening when I returned home I ordered my K9. It arrived so quickly, an acknowledgement was received on a Sunday morning by text message and the service really was faultless. As for the K9 it is light, easily manoeuvre-able, has a good battery life and makes vacuuming an absolute doddle. Money well spent!

Adrian Smith


Is it an age thing?

Strange that as you get older you look at life in a different light. Nearly turning 50 and find myself talking and looking at hoovers while the other half was away. Having had many a discussion over a pint or six and then read loads of reviews decided to go for broke and invest in both the Gtech products (especially for the dog hairs from our malting springer) Although relativly new to this domestic chore, these tools make light work of nearly all the tasks which means more time for mid life discussions over other ways to make life easier ..... oh and the partner had reservations has never once complained using them or any cost involved!



Love it!

Best Hoover ever - move over Dyson!!!



G Tec Multi

Was so pleased with G Tec upright decided to purchase multi with car pack, very disappointed does not pick up dog hair from stairs or car & car pack is not very efficient even with other bits & pieces. Suction is very poor. Wish I had not wasted my money

graham hundley


So far so good

Have used it only a few times yet but so easy light and maneuverable .



really excellent piece of equipment

so easy to use and portable, with 2 cats to clean up after I can use this as opposed to getting the big hoover out every couple of days

Eileen Knox


Excellent service, delighted with gram.

Excellent service , delighted with gram. Previous Hoover was a dyson which struggled on thick pile carpet unlike the gram which glides over it.

Mrs. Valerie Capel



I have both the handheld and the K9. I now use every excuse to use the Hoover, in fact my husband says he's never seen our floors so clean!! It's so easy and light. My only small gripe it I wish it had a mechanism on r hand held to keep it locked on, I struggle a bit to hold the trigger down to do the whole staircase etc, which is why I have deducted one star. I also had a problem with my first handheld, and customer services were great and arranged a replacement to be delivered the next day.



Gtech HT04

So far very impressed with this product, had it a couple of weeks and used it 3 times. Its quick to charge up and easily lasts half an hour in use. That is more than enough to keep the hedge trimmed. It is very well engineered and has a good balance.

Ray Harvey


G tech K9 superb product

Cleaning capability matches expectations. Manoeuvrability with the flexible rotating handle exceeds expectations.



Quick and excellent service

Can't believe how hasstle free the on-line ordering was, and the really quick delivery The upright and hand held devices are so light and pick up the dirt so effectively - I didn't think my house was that dirty!! The charge lasts long enough for me to do the whole house and still some left. I don't have any problems carrying it upstaris as it is so light. This has made such a difference to my life - even my husband is using it.

Sally Tanner


Excellent cleaner

Absolutely an excellent cleaner,very light and easy to use. picks up superbly and charges quickly. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. A good quality machine that is well made. Great value for money especially if you purchase the Gtech multi with it.

p dunn


poor hand held

Very impressed with upright hoover. Hand held hoover for stairs etc makes my fingers hurt holding the button in. There should be means to hold in automatically. Very disappointed after all the hype.

David David W J Garrod


Wonderful product.

I have bought several G-Tech products and have always found them to be of the highest quality.

george ansell


A very smooth transaction

The whole transaction went extremely well, from order online to delivery (actually earlier than planned). So far the two products has been excellent, so much lighter than our previous vacuum cleaner but still very effective.

Mr Vincent


Excellent and light weight!

Brilliant vacuum cleaner also so lightweight I can whizz around our home so efficiently, quickly and easily downstairs (over carpet and quarry tiled floorings) and then use it on the way up the L shaped wooden stairs to 'do' upstairs..with two dogs, cat and teenage son constantly testing the Gtech Air Ram' effectiveness I'm not's simple to recharge the battery (similar to plugging in my mobile phone)....easy to empty the collected bales of muck, need to do this regularly, this isn't a problem as it's just so easy, lightweight and quick to use..... I've been asked if I'd bring it along to show friends the next time we visited our local (village pub)!!..

Joanne Craig


excellent service

A very efficient company. It was easy to order my new hoover online, GTECH phoned me to confirm the delivery address and it was delivered a day earlier than expected but with regular e mails to keep me up to date.

robert boyd


gtech air ram plus multi hand held

given these cleaners a good testing and find them fantastic. every thing the ads say. company service excelent.

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