Sally May


Great products and great service

So impressive that my mother ordered her air ram and muti in the same week.

Amy Inman


Scrap the rest, this is the best!

Having used another well known bag less Hoover for many years I wasn't going to be won over easily with the G Tech Ram and Multi but WOW! Does exactly what it says on the tin - amazing suction and super lightweight. Would totally recommend!

Valerie Moffat


Multi and AirRam

I have just purchased the Multi and am very disappointed. I find the extension tube totally useless. I am about 5ft 7, so not tiny but it is definitely not long enough for high and low cleaning for me. I have normal height ceilings but doesn't really get at any cobwebs or they just stick on the plastic head. I emailed GTECH last week and just had the automated reply saying they would contact me in 2 working days but am still waiting. This to me is not good customer care. On the positive I have the AirRam and love it. Great little machine.

Lindsay Stevenson


Strimmer experience

On first impression an excellent product and easy to use. I got through my first blade on first use so envisage using the free replacement service more often than possibly I expected.

Heather Batchelor


I love it

Fab so light and efficient and easy to use.

eric lees


lightweight but delivers

We have had vacume cleaner , hand held vacuumed , and hedge cutters every item has been excellent

Norman Stenson



Bought the Air Ram and Handheld together. Brilliant pairing, - the hand-held doesn't quite reach to top of all cupboards without standing on a little pair of steps, but that is much easier that pulling on the extension tube of conventional vac. Overall- extremely satisfied and would recommend!

Eleanor Duff


Love the Gtech so easy to manage

Would recommend this product to everyone and already ha ve. To friends and family. Also delivery was amazing, ordered one day and it was here the next!

Diane Wallis



It is brilliant,just what I was looking for in a cleaner.



Excellent customer service and excellent product

Customer service was superb when I realised I had ordered the basic machine and wanted the Upgraded version The lady was so helpful in getting this amended. Delivered next day It is a dream to use so efficient and lightweight Even my 23 year old daughter doesn't mind vacuuming now!

Nikki Collins


best purchase ever

I have both the g tech air ram and multi. Best thing I ever bought. Makes my housework so much easier and actually enjoyable. Would recommend to everyone.

Moira Drew


Superb products, super company!

We originally bought the small Gtech SW02, and found it so useful we decided to buy the Air Ram together with the Multi. What a superb combination. So easy to use, and so efficient. Well done Grey Technologies!

Mrs Marie Wood


Great products and personal customer service.

Bought myself a Gtec K9 and multi and now just purchased an Air Ram and Multi for my mum. Products arrived super speedily with an hour time slot. Jill via Face Book answered a query in person via telephone - a real pleasure to deal with. Only comment would be that the multi needs a device to enable the switch to stay on rather than being held In however I do believe that this is with the design department for future development - I do hope they make some add on thing for owners of current model however this isn't a big issue and can be sorted at home with a bit of imagination. Haven't had my big hoover out since as the GTECH picks up far better than the heavy corded monster. Very pleased all round.

Sue S


GTech K9

I already have the original Air Ram and have been very pleased with it. When this came out with an offer I decided to get another so I could keep one upstairs. This is more powerful than the original and picks up the most amazing amount of dirt and fluff. We have a heavily shedding dog and it copes really well.The only downside is that it does need quite frequent emptying. The upside is that the carpet looks cleaner and I do like the scented tabs that are inserted into the filters.

Ian Fowler


Air Ram K9 and handheld

Absolutely brilliant service , the hoovers are fantastic and not flimsy like the Dyson and also seems to pick up better , removes all dog hairs from carpet and so light you tend to grab the hoover more




Two of my friends recommended this vacuum cleaner to me. Having undergone neck surgery last year, I was unable to push and lift my previous cleaner, a very heavy duty Vax. I decided to take up the Gtech offer to purchase both the vacuum cleaner and the Multi as there was a special offer and I am so glad I did. Doesn't make me enjoy cleaning more but most definitely makes it easier! Would recommend it without any shadow of a doubt.



All good received as expected

All good received as expected

B W Hobbs


Great duo purchase.

Really wanted a single cleaner to do all areas but runtime differs so much that Gtech won hands down. Both instruments are really superb although they broke my budget. Highly recommended!

Caroline Watts


Very happy

Very pleased with my new Gtech Air ram. So much lighter in weight than other cleaners. I can actually take it up stairs easily. Cleans efficiently.

Margaret Tideswell


Makes hoovering so easy

Can't believe how much time this Hoover has save me it's so light and does the same job as a big heavy one ,the battery life means I can do the whole house in no time at all ,

P Walker


Excellant Service

Excellent service and trackable delivery. The product seems to be effective and a joy to use without wire in a very ting house. I love my Dyson but find it too heavy to drag upstairs. There is not much suction power in the hand held, nevertheless useful for me to use in the loft without sucking up the insulating material!

Carole Entwistle


Why didn't I get one sooner

This cleaner is brilliant. So convenient to use, lighter, no bothering with trailing wires but just as efficient in removing our golden retrievers hair from the carpet and hard floors. My partner is amazed at me constantly hoovering!!!

Julie Astley


absolutely brilliant, love it

Always ready to go, lovely and light it's a pleasure to use

Mrs Margaret Cook


No cord, no restriction, no weight, just great

I would recommend the Gtech cleaning system to everyone. I am so delighted with it. The only downside I feel is that on the smaller version for stairs, etc, it is difficult to hold the button down all the time. It can be uncomfortable for someone with painful joints, etc.

Mr Andrew Pear


My wife says the GTech Air Ram is better that sex!

My wife has a has a fettish for vacuum cleaners. I have surely purchased every new model that has ever been launched. Only four weeks ago I purchased her first cordless, a Dyson DC 59 Animal (£359!) Whist it was good, it was apparently a shadow in comparison to the Gtech. We bought both GTech (upright and handheld) units which were still cheaper than the Dyson. We used the Air Ram directly after the Dyson and our retiring little Henry. The amount that it collected was almost embarrassing. The Dyson runs out at around 15-20 mins which is simply note nought for a large house with dogs. The GTech keeps going well beyond what's needed. Apparently it's better than sex...

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