Liam L


A switch and a great service

The switching process with Voxi was extremely easy especially compared to the hassle I’ve had when switching in the past. I had a few queries about my switch which were all cleared up quickly and in detail by one of the customer support team. Even though I was a new customer, I feel I had the same treatment which I had been receiving from my previous carrier who I was with for years. The ability to “go binge” without using my data is incredibly useful and helps massively as my data is vital for the work I do, the unlimited calls and texts don’t hurt either. So far have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Voxi’s service



Great value and easy to setup plus…

Great value and easy to setup plus powered by Vodafone what Ymir’s do you need !

Thomas Fuller


THE BEST sim only deal

Great network honestly, if your looking for sim only nothing beats this. You’re getting 6gb for £10 and unlimited social media! Also so easy to set up! And just the best for your money out there everything else offers nothing like this❤️



Voxi has been really easy to set up!

Voxi has been really easy to set up!



Really fast delivery for the sim to…

Really fast delivery for the sim to come and so happy with offers so cheap especially with free social media and things



Good value for money

Really good value for money, especially with the double data deal they've got on at the moment! I've just moved from a pay monthly contract and am very happy with it so far. Only negatives was that it was difficult to move my number over from Vodafone to VOXI (more difficult than moving from another network, which is annoying!) and there isn't a VOXI app to check your data usage etc. Other than that, I would definitely recommend it.



Great for younger kids

Great for younger kids. Good value for money and good coverage



The endless social media data is really…

The endless social media data is really useful and you get some more data with that.

Andrew Cambers


Quick and easy transfer and excellent so far

Really impressed with how quick and easy the switch was. New SIM arrived the next day and the day after I was switched to Voxi.Retained my old phone number. Excellent communications from Voxi throughout. So far a much improved service than my old provider. Improved package and better signal

Gheorghe Cioc


I was complaining about my sim getting…

I was complaining about my sim getting barred for no reason, 4 days , 6 calls to a voicemail number and 3 chat sessions later still no resolve, and getting the same answer from webchat team that they can't do anything and i have to wait for "special" Fraud Team to unbar my sim , embarrassing !

Silviu Serban


Excellent network

Excellent network. Good reception. Great bundles. Fair. They give rewards every now and then, like free amazon vouchers or free products from parteners. And when I say free, I mean totally free. Not like others when they give you a voucher for products but then you have to pay £8.99 shipping. No, I mean free all the way, delivered to your door, without any catch. Brilliant.

Jorge Uzcategui Lopez


Great data and service at cheap rates!

VOXI has great plans with lots of data and good service coverage around the UK. Definitely recommended!

Darryn M


Easy to buy a new phone

Easy to buy a new phone, even had to use the help facility so that I could change my billing address. A lot easier than trying to contact my current provider. Would not fail to recommend Voxi to anyone



All good so far—very easy to set up and…

All good so far—very easy to set up and great price

John Gillick


The deal they were giving to customers…

The deal they were giving to customers was to good to pass up,and the platform they use has a far better reception then my previous supplier. happy days.john



it’s SO easy

it’s SO easy I had been putting off changing mobile network for a while because of all the hassle that goes with it... I finally got to it but not being from the UK, I struggled to find the right network to change to that was reasonably priced and that didn’t require proof of being in the UK more than 3 years (which I haven’t been). So I asked a British friend to advise me and they told me about VOXI, I ordered a SIM card for free, it arrived in 2 days and I installed it in less than 10mins! So easy, I would 100% recommend, especially to students.

Matt Care


Switched to VOXI from Vodafone

I switched to VOXI from Vodafone. I wanted to keep my existing number. This process wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped for, as it wasn’t clear that a PAC code isn’t required when switching from Vodafone, as they are the same company as VOXI. I was able to get this resolved by using VOXI WebChat on their website, but not before I was passed to many different teams. However now that is sorted, my phone signal is just as good as it was on Vodafone, for pretty much half the price!



Voxi is wonderful for busy lives

I had trouble making the payment but once that was cleared up it has been fantastic, I use Voxi for my personal phone and my business phone! I love the fact that you get so much for such little cost, I never could have had this much data and access to social media with my previous provider. Its the perfect provider for young people, any age would benefit, but the younger people with not much room in the budget are the most chuffed I'd say!



Easy straightforward process

Easy straightforward process. SIM card arrived next day

Jazzie Jay


Its easy to use and offers really good…

Its easy to use and offers really good deals



Highly Recommended

VOXI provides a great service at a great price with the current deal of 12Gb for £10 a month with unlimited social media usage being icing on the cake. Uses the Vodafone network which is great and the option to opt out any time is great peace of mind to have. Overall would highly recommend to anyone looking for a SIM only deal.



For the price you pay its great

For the price you pay its great! Good service and connection and lots of data



No issues with activating my SIM or…

No issues with activating my SIM or switching number. Very pleased with the signal coverage (I switched from Three and get better signal now). Only complaint is sometimes website brings up errors like “we couldn’t sign you in” despite password being correct.



Good coverage and tarriff but things could have been better!

After initially haveing issues with payment (this may be the banks issues so cannot fauly Voxi on that) everything went smoothly. The only issue I had is porting the number from a different provider. With other providers this has been done very quickly. Unfortunately Voxi use an "automated" process that takes 2 working days. This was compounded by the fact thats the sim took over a week to arrive making me think it was never coming!



Awesome experience with Trustpilot!!

Awesome experience with Trustpilot!!











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