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“Delivered when they said packaged brilliant and had first meal. Amazing”


“Excellent range of produce with great prices and fast delivery service. Especially for those items you can't buy in stores!”


“I'm really pleased with my whole musclefoods experience. I think one of the biggest bonuses is having the option of paying via PayPal which saves a lot of faff and bother at the checkout. My parcel arrived when it said it would and was left in my safe place for me. As for the quality of the meat itself, it's just brilliant. Sometimes you really have to scour the supermarket shelves for the leaner meats, now I just need to open up my freezer! Excellent value for money too as I purchased one of their bundle packages.”

Lorraine Wallace

“Was recommended to me by a very good friend that's a Personal Trainner. Amazing products, affordable packages, great seletion and delivery/boxing up was fantastic!”


“Everything arrives well packaged and still chilled. I can't say a bad thing about the quality of the meat, everyone in our house loves it. The hache steaks are now a firm favourite.”

Natalie McAusland

“I have ordered three times from Muscle Foods so far, trying a wide variety of the meat they sell, and I am yet to recieve anything from them that wasn't brilliant. Blows away most supermarket meat.”

Nick Butler

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