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steven k 评论 musclefood.com


Delivered when they said packaged brilliant and had first meal. Amazing
Marc Schenbart 评论 bowlersmart.com

Casey the Superstar

Casey, as always is extremely knowledgeable about your products and has an even better memory! Casey drills all our balls - spot on and never have to tell him anything twice!!! He’s a keeper!!
Deanna Schuller 评论 bohme.com

I ordered 3 sweaters and all three are…

I ordered 3 sweaters and all three are beautiful quality and so comfortable! I am returning 2 of the sweaters for a product credit because the sizes are incorrect for my build. I plan to reorder the same two sweaters in different sizes once my credit/return goes through.
Miss Maria McDonald 评论 simplysupplements.co.uk

cheap and quick delivery

I was diagnosed with M S a few years ago, I decided to do a little research of my own and found a lot of people with M s are deficient in some vitamins B, D and E, specificaly. After pricing these at high street shops I found them to be considerably cheaper at simply suppliments.
Julie Thomas 评论 alpharooms.com

This deal was exactly what I was looking for

I had been looking to book a short break flying from Birmingham for some time. The booking was really straightforward and I got exactly what I was looking for.
alana stimpson 评论 sofology.co.uk

The young lad who helped us and sold us…

The young lad who helped us and sold us our sofa was a great lad explained everything we wanted to know a credit to your sales team I believe his name was karyim at your purely way branch in Croydon He was very busy and took time to make sure everyone was served and happy Good work young man
Kris 评论 ishka.com.au

The amount of emails is ridiculous

The amount of emails is ridiculous, otherwise I would give five stars.
Eli 评论 myprotein.com

Very good, need free shipping

Just made my first purchase from myprotein.com. I'm very impressed with the selection and prices. I would definitely buy more from myprotein.com, especially if shipping were free. Thanks! Eli eli.frankel@gmail.com
Lakeia boyd dickerson 评论 nyandcompany.com

Let's start off saying that I am a… A bad experience that could a went better if only understood their customers better if I had took it home and came back understandable

Let's start off saying that I am a loyal shopper I have a New York and company credit card I came in today to look around he had some great sales Purchased a skirt saw the same exact skirt on a manikin on the way out ask can I change the size that I had to the smaller size she made me aware that that couldn't happen because I had already purchase the size four I didn't understand what the big deal was I had not left the store and I just wanted to size two I didn't see what the big deal was I had not left the store yet I just wanted to smaller size I believe that it would fit for my gift great but that didn't work and I call customer service that didn't work I've been a loyal customers with you all and experience that I had today was very sad I'm a very disappointed customer
Matthew Rosa 评论 scufgaming.com


Jennifer is a great asset to this company. I had to return my scuf just under 2 weeks of getting it because of issues with major input lag. Jennifer walked me through the steps on what I needed to do to get my controller boxed up and sent back for a refund. I'm now anxiously awaiting on my replacement coming in on Friday. Hopefully this one works out better! Jennifer has been very professional and caring with all my inquiries about their products and services. It's people like her that will get people like me to not only come back to buy more, but to also direct others in their direction. Thank you Jennifer.
Lee 评论 clearly.ca

Usually a good experience but sadly has…

Usually a good experience but sadly has a very expensive pair of glasses fall apart. After contacting customer support I was offered a 45 dollar store credit on a 250 pair of glasses thag lasted 3 months so sadly not happy with the warranty and belief in their products. Would need them to be better to re order
Nanz 评论 pharmapacks.com

Great bottle liners

Just what I was looking for. Great price for playtex disposable liners. Will be ordering more soon for my playtex baby bottles.
Emily 评论 voxi.co.uk

Made the process of bringing my old…

Made the process of bringing my old number over relatively stress free. The live chat was great and people on the other end were incredibly helpful!
Maureen 评论 cocoandeve.com

Excellent product

Excellent product

Parts I needed great service

Parts I needed great service
Ste Mclaughlin 评论 biovea.com

Brilliant! Fast delivery.

Had a small problem in that the website status was still showing as pending after a day or so of ordering. I emailed customer support who apologised and advised the item had shipped and asked for me to keep them updated. Next day the items arrived, much quicker than I was expecting! Really good service that I would definitely use again. Fast delivery, good price and really helpful service. Thank you very much!
customer 评论 simmi.com

Heel broke after just 1st use

The shoes came on time. They looked great in the package. I wore them once and the heel broke off after just wearing them for a couple hours.
Libing Li 评论 testingmom.com

Do not subscribe through testingmom.com if the program tracks progress.

Subscribing to testingmom.com is like buying bulk subscriptions for many education programs. I was excited to get a good deal to access 2-3 programs my kid likes for the price of one. HOWEVER, there is a catch. If testingmom.com CLAIMS that you do not have activities within 30 days, your account in that program is permanently DELETED. It happened to my kid despite continuous use of the program. Can you imagine how frustrated it is for a child to lose all the hard work for the past two months? To start all over, my child had to repeat what had been practised before. I wish I had subscribed to that program DIRECTLY from the program provider instead of through testing mom.com.
Stephen Lee 评论 eneba.com

No complaints

No complaints very fast service, highly competive prices.
Jack 评论 norwall.com

Great customer service

Sharon was very knowledgeable of products. Received answers to questions without a long wait.
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